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KeepFreeMusic: Most Popular internet radio stations today (Editor picks)

The most listened to internet radio stations today!

Looking for the most popular and most listened to internet radio stations across the keep free music network?

What follows is a quick list of the most tuned-in stations today, with a small resume of each internet radio station, so you can choose the best one that you fancy listening to. Most of the stations are just one click away, and you should be able to listen to them either in our web-based internet radio flash player, or, in many cases, once you get to each online radio station's listen page, you can then choose to use your favorite player.

Rest assured that all the online radios we list here are free to listen to, although we think you should pay attention to the commercials and sponsors on the streams to show a great radio station some appreciation!

We are pretty sure you'll find what is you want to listen to, right here!

Why is that that these genre-specific online radio stations tend to be so popular?

It should come as no surprise to you that the most popular internet radio stations on this site are almost always oldies online radio stations, because there is now just such a huge choice of internet, and, for that matter, terrestrial, radio, and the most popular choices tend to be retro stations. Why is this?

Well, some people argue that the more focussed an internet radio is on the specific genre it advertises, the more likely it is to not only attract, but hang on the an audience that knows what they want to listen, and tune in, and get just exactly what they tuned in for! This flies in the face of some terrestrial outfits (you know the ones!) with 'strap lines' like: "More variety, more music", etc.

The more focussed the radio station (music policy), the better?

This kind of radio station tends to aim to please 'all of the people, all of the time', but, so goes the argument of the genre-specific stations, you simply can't please 'all of the people all of the time'. A prime example is where the 'more music, more variety' stations typically play a bunch of current chart hits, followed by some oldie (what's your definition of oldie? 60s? 80s?). So the argument goes: the younger or 'hipper' element of the audience just loved the modern track or two, but are suddenly disappointed when a song appears that is older than they are!

More music and more music variety?

Likewise, in the 21st century, with all the choice available, do we really expect the section of the 'more music, more variety' station' that listens for mainly just the older songs, to put up with what they perceive to be 'kiddie' music between each and every song they actually tuned in for? So much for the explanation as to why genre-tight, or genre specific stations seem to win out in the online radio station ratings battle: you know just what you are you listening for: you tune in, you get it! Simples!

#1 most popular: 80sPlanet: Best songs of the 80s

80sPlanet proclaim to be the 80s music experts, and judging by listening (often!) we can tell you that they really are! This online 80s radio station plays a carefully selected and highly focussed 80s set of songs that should appeal to 40-somethings, as well as younger audiences discovering 80's music for the first time: no matter what side of the atlantic you live on!

Station Highlights:

The most well-known transatlantic 80s music (according to the website: the 'best songs of the 80s' ), Sponsor websites:
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#2 most popular: All 60s all the time

Now here's a real gem of an online radio station that focuses completely on the 60s, unlike many other oldies stations, which normally play "oldies" (ie you never know quite what to expect!). Perfect for the baby boomer generation -- lots of 60s tracks heard on this station that are seldom heard elsewhere -- and just as good for the computer generation to rediscover the sixties

Station Highlights:

A diverse range of 60s-oriented music. Don't be surprised to hear plenty of songs from the 60s 'British Invasion', as well as some rare cuts and album tracks from the big 60s acts (The Beatles, The Stones et al).

#3 most popular: A11 80s hits

A very deep selection of 80s hits from both sides of the Atlantic from circa 1978 - 1992: so its very inclusive. This is, without doubt, the station with the biggest play list in our top internet radio stations list. Listen to 80s songs: some of which may not have been heard for a very long time!

Station Highlights:

This is the top choice for listening to 80s music with depth and breadth. If 99 Red Balloons (for the 99th time!) just doesnt cut it any more, try this station for a change. Sure, Nena is in there, but she's totally surrounded by some songs that haven't seen the light of day for 20 years!

#4 most popular: a1180s Number Ones

Again with good focus on the 80s, this station plays a far lesser number of songs than the #1 80s station ( -- see above) but explores the 80s decade genre of music in much more depth, in so much as is possible, with worldwide 80s number ones, non stop, 24/7

Station Highlights:

Probably the most famous (and certainly the best selling) songs of the 80s are to be found here.
The music policy is quite clever: it draws not only from the US mainstream singles charts for its number
ones, but also various European countries' 80s pop charts, as well as the Billboard rock, pop, and R'n'B charts of the day. A1180s#1s has also been known to play some 80s Album tracks, so long as the album that contains them made it to number one somewhere in the world.

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